Illuminati Light and Color Meter for Android and Apple Smartphones Designed for light measurement in photo and video applications, the Illuminati Meter can help you get better exposure and more consistent color from your camera, and helps you be more productive! Ever walk into a location with unknown lighting and want to know that

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Isolight Product – Isolight

Isolight Light Metering System The Isolight light meter system is an excellent addition to any image quality workflow. By measuring both light level and uniformity, the Isolight ensures calibration and test images are perfectly lit for the best quality calibration and accurate readings. The Isolight

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Isolight Product – Isolight Puck

Isolight Puck Overview The Isolight Puck light and color sensor is an ideal companion for image quality testing or camera calibration.  No matter your scene size, the Puck lets you quickly set and verify your lighting including color, light level, and uniformity. The Puck is small enough to fit in small

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Isolight Product – Isolight Color

Isolight Color The Isolight Color is the ultimate image quality testing or calibration accessory.  The Isolight Color replaces the light sensors of the original Isolight with four full-color RGB sensors.  Now you can measure every aspect of your scene's lighting, including color, light level, and uniformity.  Color is reported as either

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IM150 Light and Color Meter

Bring Your Images Into The Light The IM150 Wireless Light and Color Meter uses Bluetooth technology to deliver the correct exposure and color temperature for any type of light – even flash – directly to your smartphone! The IM150  meter has all the functions of other meters, plus the convenience of remote

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Tech Specs, Downloads

DOWNLOADS iPhone User Manual Download QuickStart Guide Android User Manual SPECIFICATIONS Supported Operating Systems Apple devices running iOS8.1 or higher Android devices running 4.3 or higher Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Exposure Measuring Range 1.0 to 1,000,000 lux (-1 EV to 18 EV) Color Temperature Range 1,600 K to 20,000 K

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