We developed our first light meter products to help with camera image quality testing.  To get the most accurate measurements your lighting needs to be accurate and uniform.  Our Isolight, Isolight Color, and Puck meters are the perfect addition to any image quality lab.

Isolight chart holder to check illuminance uniformity

The Isolight and Isolight Color are perfect for setting up test lighting

Six Isolight Pucks in Use

Measure Lighting Uniformity

Lighting uniformity can be a major source of error in measurements.  Differences in lighting can alter image noise characteristics or color measurements.  Using multiple sensors to measure and monitor lighting uniformity ensures your image measurements are their most accurate.

Built-in LED lights can be either manually controlled or set to automatically indicate lighting uniformity issues.

Continuously Monitor Lighting with LED Indicators and Alarms

A light meters all feature proprietary LED indicators.  They can be manually controlled or automatically activated by multiple user-settable alarms.  Set different alarm conditions and LED colors to indicate when the lighting is too bright, dim, or the wrong color.  Alarms make it easy to be sure the lighting is always within specifications.

Isolight chart holder with Macbeth ColorChecker

Capture Light Conditions in the Image

There’s always the question of whether the lighting in a test image was to specifications.  Putting a light meter in the scene ensures that every image shows the light intensity and uniformity.  The backlight display and LED indicator rings are easy to see and can automatically adapt their brightness to avoid light pollution.

Always Capture Real-world Shooting Conditions

It can be hard to remember and track the lighting conditions during real-world testing.  Include one of our light meters in your test images and you’ll have a accurate record of the capture conditions every time.

The LED chaser on our Isolight family of products can also capture the camera’s integration time.  That can be very helpful when debugging image quality issues.

Isolight chart holder showing USB & AC connectors

USB Connectivity for Remote Operation

Our Puck and Isolight products feature a USB2.0 interface for remote power and communications.  All meter functions can be remotely controlled by a host PC running Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

Isolight chart holder to check illuminance uniformity
Isolight chart holder to check illuminance uniformity
Isolight chart holder showing tripod mount in use
Isolight chart holder showing fold-out legs
Isolight chart holder, keyhole mounting slots

Fit into Any Test Scene

Our light meters are easy to mount in your scene whether you’re working in a light booth, on a table, on a tripod, or outdoors.

Isolight chart holder, no charts
Isolight chart holder with Kodak Gray Scale
Isolight chart holder with uniformity chart
Isolight chart holder with Macbeth ColorChecker
Isolight chart holder with Digital ColorChecker SG
Isolight chart holder with extra large OECF chart

Switch between Multiple Test Charts Quickly and Repeatably

If you need to switch between several test charts, our chart-holding products get the job done.  Spring-loaded clips and a lipped shelf hold charts securely and in a repeatable position.