The IM150 is a wireless incident light and color meter that connects to your iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth.

  • Measure ambient, continuous, and strobe lighting at multiple locations in a scene
  • Set lighting ratios accurately and without moving between the scene and your lights
  • Color match continuous lights/strobes to ambient or any color temperature
  • Mount meters on every rented light to measure and tame color
  • Improve your productivity while setting up lights and also while processing your images later
  • Connect multiple meters at the same time to meter large areas or complex scenes

The Isolight Puck is a compact USB-connected incident light and color meter.  The Puck is designed to be integrated into laboratory, production, and image quality test systems.

The Isolight is a four-channel illuminance light meter that securely holds standard test charts.  By constantly measuring reporting light levels, the Isolight ensures that your chart is properly lit for the most accurate measurements.

The Isolight Color is a 4-channel incident light and  color meter that securely holds standard test charts.