Our light meters are perfect for laboratory experiments, factory test systems, or on-site lighting audits.  Industrial applications usually require remote operation, compact size, visual status indicators, and easy mounting.  Our products offer all of that plus lots of other features that make them perfect for your technical application.

Use in Lab Experiments

Optical tables and engineering labs are crowded places.  Our light meters pack a lot of functionality into a compact device.  Our meters report illuminance in lux and color in CIE xy coordinates or correlated color temperature (CCT) in K.  Auto-ranging lets you measure illumination from 0.1 lux up to 1,000,000 lux.  The USB interface makes them easy to read and configure.  They’re the perfect addition to your lab set-up.

Integrate into Production Test Systems

Our USB-connected Puck, Isolight, and Isolight Color are ideal for integrating into production calibration and test systems.  Use them to monitor and verify test system lighting intensity to detect burnt-out bulbs, brightness reduction due to age, or capture reference readings for calibration.  Measure lighting color to ensure the right color fluorescent tubes are installed.  Use the RGB LED status indicators to visually indicate errors or other conditions.  Easy to integrate into your control software and multiple mounting options make Illuminati light meters the perfect solution.

Illuminati Meter, matching practicals

Office and Warehouse Lighting Audits

Our Puck and IM150 light/color meters are perfect for lighting audits.  Connect the Puck to a laptop or use the IM150 with your tablet or smartphone.  Either way you can easily measure and record illumination level and lighting color temperature to verify regulatory compliance.