In the fast-paced world of making moving images, you need tools help you be more productive. The unique light and color functions of the Illuminati Meter can help you save you time when you are lighting your scene – and also in post.

The IM150 is perfect for getting set up fast

Using a Light Meter On Set

Level Up As Director of Photography

With multiple Illuminati meters on the set, you can be behind the camera or in the video village while working with your gaffers to craft the lighting.

Be the Best Gaffer on Set

If you’re handling the lights and the DP calls for adjustments for a light in an awkward place, you can place your meter in the sweet spot and clamber up to the light to make changes and see the results on your phone or watch. Gel the light, adjust the power or adjust the color temperature–you’ll get all the right info, faster.

Save Time When Color Grading

When the editing is done and you’re grading your footage, you’ll appreciate the exposure and colors all being in the right place. Don’t lose any highlights or shadows to something you could have fixed on set. Measure now with Illuminati meters and spend less time gnashing your teeth during color grading.

Rapid Green Screen Illumination

A badly lit green screen won’t mask out properly.  Using a grid of Illuminati meters in front of your green screen lets you get behind the lights and adjust them while seeing the results in Continuous Mode in the palm of your hand. The LEDs on the meters will show you which areas are too bright or too dark. When all the meters glow green, you’re good to go.

Matching & Correcting Light Sources

You’ve got many lights on your set. They may be rented and unknown, or from different manufacturers.  Plus, not all lights are made the same (or accurately report or display their color temperature).  On top of that, many bulbs drift color temperature over time with use. Phew!

With the Illuminati meter, you will measure, know and correct all your light sources to match (or tailor to taste) before rolling camera.