We’re happy to announce a big update to the Android app!  The app is now officially in production and now version 1.0.

You should be automatically be prompted to update to the newest version or you can visit Google Play to update.


Support for High Speed Sync (HSS) strobe metering with the IM150 meter

The IM150 meter now supports metering high-speed sync (HSS) strobes.*  HSS strobes synchronize with your camera, and are especially useful as fill lights when shooting outdoors or capturing fast motion.  The app also reports the strobe’s duration.  Now you can choose the perfect shutter speed to match your strobes and shooting style.

How it Works

With normal strobes, the exposure is determined by the strobe power, not your camera’s shutter speed.  But normal strobes only work with shutter speeds less than approximately 1/150 sec, because of how long it takes the camera shutter to open and close.  In bright light or for fast motion you need a shorter shutter speed, but normal strobes  timing won’t work.  You need HSS strobes, which specially synchronize with your camera’s shutter timing to produce an evenly exposed frame.

With HSS strobes, the exposure is controlled by the shutter speed instead of the strobe.  To meter HSS strobes, your meter needs to know the camera shutter speed and measure the strobe duration.  The IM150 can now do that.

* The HSS feature is somewhat experimental.  Please report any bugs through our support page.

New Color Balance tab

We’ve added a new tab: Color Balance.  It’s perfect for white balancing a TV, monitor, or projector.  You can also use it to compare and match light to one another.

How it Works

The Color Balance tab works by comparing the current meter reading to a reference color.  You can choose from many standard reference colors, such as D65, 5000K, or tungsten light.  You can also sample the current reading for use as the reference color.  After selecting the reference, every time an ambient reading is taken the bar graph shows whether the reading has more or less red and blue than the reference.  The green channels always show 0% difference, since they are used to correct for differences in brightness.

The Color Balance tab makes it easy to adjust set the white point of a display to a known standard so you can accurately judge color quality.

More Video Filters

We’ve added more ND filters, plus a “ND0” (open) filter.  Whether your camera works in half or third stops, we have you covered.

The 1.0 update adds lots of other great features:

  • Strobe metering checkbox is now on all screens
  • Illuminance units (lux and foot-candles) are now displayed to three significant digits
  • Upside-down orientation is supported, if your phone supports it