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      We use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in the IM100 Illuminati Light and Color Meter. BLE allows great flexibility in how you work with your meter. A significant difference between BLE and original Bluetooth concerns pairing: original Bluetooth required devices to be paired as part of the basic connection process while BLE devices can connect to anyone without requiring pairing. That was done to enable things like BLE-enabled store displays and public kiosks, where the BLE device broadcasts information to many users.

      BLE devices only require pairing/bonding when a certain level of security is required. We use bonding to ensure your meter only connects to your phone – if that’s how you want to set up your meter. Bonding can be manually started in the app, or when you do something that only the meter’s owner should be allowed to do, such as setting the meter’s name.

      You can certainly use your meter without bonding. That makes it easy to share the device with a colleague if you are working with one or more people on an assignment. Note that the meter will only connect to one smartphone at a time, so you must stop the Illuminati Meter app on your phone if you want someone else to have access.

      You can also unbond your meter after you rename it, if you like. Then just use it unbonded/unpaired.

      Enjoy your meter and BLE!

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