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    • Christopher Poss
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      In the latest Android update that I installed, the units for tint are no longer Duv. Can you please describe the new units (e.g. -1/8 Gr) and how that relates to my camera tint settings? In one of the blog posts, 0.004 Duv was described as about equal to 1 unit of change of the camera’s manual tint adjustment. Can you please explain how the new units relate to the camera’s manual tint adjustment? Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Michael Okincha
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      While units of Duv are technically accurate, they’re not commonly used. The new color shift units are in full green/magenta units. I.e. a value of +1 is equivalent to a full green filter. Similarly, -1 is a full magenta, +1/2 is a half green, etc.

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