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    • Matthew Bernucca
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      I just upgraded to an iPhone XS and it will not read the illuminati meter via bluetooth. On my previous phone, the iPhone 7, this was never an issue. Hope do I fix this?

    • rguttosch
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      Your meter is likely still bonded/paired to your old phone. To clear the bonding, please do this:

      1. Clear the bonding state in your phone and your meter:
      a. Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds – until you see the LEDs start to blink magenta. Then let go of the power button. Turn off the meter.
      b. On your old phone, go to Settings, Connected Devices, Bluetooth. Find the Illuminati Meter entry and Forget it. If you don’t have your old phone, no need for this step. I include it for completeness.
      c. On your new phone, please do the same – removing any connection info to an Illuminati Meter in your phone. You probably won’t see it there, but just in case…

      2. Turn on the meter, it will blink blue, waiting for a connection.
      3. Start the app.
      4. In the app go to Devices and select “Scan” for the Illuminati Meter.
      5. It should connect right away.

      Please let me know if this works. It is very successful for folks who change phones.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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