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    • Audrey Tucker
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      Hello –

      I am having trouble successfully completing the firmware update.

      I have a Google Pixel 4. During the update process, I get the first few messages … Initializing DFU process, waiting for bootloader. I can see in my phone’s notifications that the firmware is downloading and it is connecting to the Illuminati. Then nothing. I do not get the message that it is transmitting the software. I waited 4 minutes just in case there was a background task running and I made sure the app/screen stayed active during that time. If I use the back arrow in the app, I get the device has unexpectedly disconnected.

      If I try to reconnect, the meter flashes first white, then red, then rotates between green and blue and I get a message in the app “Invalid Service Set for Device C6:95:98:80;D4;63 disconnecting”. At that point, all I seem to be able to do is forget the connection on my phone and on the meter.

      Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

    • Michael Okincha
      Senior Moderator
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      Hi Audrey,

      You aren’t doing anything wrong. IF you have an IM150, then it already comes with firmware newer than version 1176.

      As of late Jan 2020, we haven’t released any firmware updates for the IM150 yet. There’s no need to update your firmware.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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