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    • Tom Reynolds
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      So I am trying to use my color meter more often. I took it out today to compare a rental light vs our HMI. I also was using my Sekonic L758Cine next to it. I found the exposure readings on the Sekonic to be consistently 1-2 stops lower than on the Illuminati. The Sekonic would read at t/2 and the illuminati would read at least t/4-t/8.

      Im running android on an S10 device. Meter is running FW: v720. I have tried to update the firmware multiple times without any success. It always times out when I try.

      Any help would be much appreciated. I have no idea if I can trust any reading out of this thing…

    • Michael Okincha
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      Hi Tom,

      If your meter’s firmware version is 720, you will not be able to update it due to a firmware bug. You will need to ship your meter back to us for firmware updating. Once we update it, your will be able to apply future firmware updates yourself.

      Please send your meter to:

      Illuminati Instrument Corp.
      Attn: Firmware Upgrade
      2118 Walsh Ave.
      Suite 220
      Santa Clara, CA 95050

      Tel: 408-606-8012

      Please include a business card or a note with your return address on it. Please also write “Firmware Upgrade” on it. We will update the firmware and send it back right away.

      And let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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