By Greg Scoblete

Illuminati Color Meter

The Illuminati Color Meter won’t give you access to a secret cabal bent on global domination, but it will deliver wireless color and light readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth—which is almost as good. The device measures color temperature, exposure and chromaticity and sends them in real time to your phone. You can program up to 15 different alarms to warn of, say, brightness changes in ambient lighting. You can also trigger metering using a smart watch and receive alerts directly to your watch, in the event you don’t want your phone out. Thanks to its small size, you can deploy multiple Illuminatis around a scene to measure foreground and background light, sending all of that info to the Illuminati app on your phone. The device has a range of roughly 80 feet. It has a magnet for mounting on metallic surfaces plus a tripod socket and a hook for a lanyard. It’s powered by a pair of AAA batteries.

PRICE: $300