Illuminati Meter

Bring Your Images
Into The Light

The IM150 Wireless Light and Color Meter uses Bluetooth technology to deliver the correct exposure and color temperature for any type of light – even flash – directly to your smartphone! The IM150  meter has all the functions of other meters, plus the convenience of remote sensing & multiple sensors in a very small and light package. And all this for less than the cost of an inexpensive lens. Whether you are creating still or moving images, the IM150 meter is the right tool for all conditions. Join the Illuminati and gain mastery of light.

  • Wirelessly connect one or many Illuminati meters to your smartphone and measure any kind of light from anywhere
  • Measure ambient, continuous, and strobe lighting at multiple locations in a scene
  • Set lighting ratios accurately and without leaving your lights
  • Color match continuous lights/strobes to ambient or any color temp
  • Mount meters on every rented light to measure and tame color
  • Improve your productivity while setting up lights and also while processing your images later

Measure Continuous Lighting

  • Exposure: Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, plus Frame Rate & Shutter Angle for video
  • Color Temperature: Kelvin
  • Measures all kinds of continuous light, including LED, HMI, tungsten, fluorescent and daylight

Measure Strobes

  • Combines both exposure and color temperature for strobe readings
  • Dedicated high-speed circuitry to filter out camera pre-flash and accurately measure strobe power & color
  • Measure strobe ratios (foreground/background or main/fill/hair, etc.)
  • Helps you detect and correct color differences under mixed lighting, or craft deliberate neutral + warm/cool lighting scenarios

Strobe + Ambient Exposure with matched color © Tony Corbell

Measures Color of Strobe & Ambient

  • Detect and correct color differences when shooting with mixed lighting
  • Select gels for correcting your strobe or LED lights
  • Libraries for Rosco and Lee filters

Connect Multiple Sensors to your Phone

  • Simultaneously measure color of different light sources, e.g. daylight from windows and artificial lighting
  • Meter large areas to get uniform lighting – great for green screens
  • Measure the foreground and background simultaneously with multiple meters
  • Measure strobe ratios (foreground/background or main/fill/hair, etc.)

Color Temperature in App

Chromaticity Measurements in App

Measure Illuminance in Lux & Color in Chromaticity

  • Measure strobe ratios (foreground/background or main/fill/hair, etc.)
  • Simultaneously measure color of different light sources, e.g. daylight from windows and artificial lighting

Trigger a Meter Reading

  • From the app
  • From your watch
  • From button on the meter
  • Continuous ambient monitoring – no need to keep pressing buttons

Flash Triggering

  • Strobe photo trigger with automatic preflash rejection
  • Use a sync cable from Illuminati Meter sync port to remotely trigger strobes

Spring-loaded Retractable Dome

  • Dome toggles up/down much like a ballpoint pen cap
  • Dome up for metering people or other 3D objects and multiple light sources at same time
  • Dome down for metering flat objects or single light sources
  • Safety feature: accidental pressure on the dome will push it into meter body instead of cracking

RGB Status Indicator LEDs on Meter Face

  • Used for displaying status information – battery warning, BLE connection status, etc
  • Primarily used to display user-programmable light and color level alarms. The LEDs are a great way to check lighting conditions with even looking at your phone.

Powered by Two AAA Batteries

  • Battery life is approximately 40 hours of continuous use
  • AAA batteries are easy to find, easy to replace
  • No need to worry about charging an internal or proprietary battery