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    We have a few people contact us with questions about connections to Android smartphones. This may also help if you are using an iPhone, but generally the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection is pretty reliable. The following information is designed to help troubleshoot those issues and get you going again.

    1. Turn on Location Services on your Android phone. If they are off, the app won’t find the meter. If LS was off, try connecting again. If LS was on and there is still no connection, proceed to step 2.
    2. Clear the bonding state in your phone and your meter:
      1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds – until you see the LEDs start to blink magenta. Then let go of the button. Turn off the meter.
      2. Go to Settings, Connected Devices, Bluetooth. Find the Illuminati Meter entry and Forget it.
    3. From the settings -> Bluetooth section, turn off Bluetooth. The reason for doing this is to reset the Bluetooth “stack”. Give it 10 or 15 seconds, and turn Bluetooth back on.
    4. Turn on the meter.
    5. Start the App.
    6. The meter should find the App automatically, and a purple tile will be created for you. Click on the tile to see the meter settings.

    One other thing you can try is to re-start your phone after step 3 above.

    These methods have been successful in helping most folks get connected.

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    Just to confirm, I had issues connecting to a OnePlus 5 and following these steps fixed the problem.

    Originally the meter was just continously polling and the search screen was just egg timing while searching.

    Finding the meter in the Bluetooth menu and connecting there didn’t help as it still didn’t show up in the app.

    Resetting the bluetooth connection, clearing the meter and turning on location services before attempting the open the app and connect to the Meter then meant the Meter was instantly picked up.

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