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    • rguttoschrguttosch
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      Each time the Illuminati app starts up, it seems to be set to ‘range’ the ISO, in the Exposure Tab, with the ISO range set / beginning at 3 (usually). User then has to select the exposure variable you actually want to ‘range’, (such as Shutter Speed), and then set the others to your preferred setting (such as: set ISO 100, F# 8.0).

      It would be much preferred if when the user powers on the app and meter, that it is preset to ‘range’ on THE USER’s preferred variable (i.e. ‘shutterspeed’) with the other variables preset to the users preference (such as ISO 100, F# 8.0, done via a ‘new’ settings option).

      The other option, would be to simply make the app ‘sticky’ to the settings last selected / used in the app, prior to shutdown.

      I can imagine this won’t be a top priority when you’re working out bugs, connection issues, etc., but will be a welcome and useful addition / evolution of the app. Thanks.

    • Anonymous
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      Actually, retaining previous settings is a high-priority issue. The meter should be convenient to use. Having to rest all the settings each time you run isn’t convenient.

      The next version of the app, both iOS and Android will have improved retention of settings.


    • ArlcraneArlcrane
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      Great! Glad to hear.


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