A few questions about the app while flash metering

A few questions about the app while flash metering2018-04-21T04:39:14-07:00

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    • bhpowellbhpowell
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      1) On the “Exposure” page of the app (I’m using the iOS version), there’s a slider just beneath the “Flash Metering” switch. What does this slider represent? It sometimes shows a percentage next to it. I suspect that it might be the ratio of flash to ambient, but I’m not sure. Is this in the manual and I just missed it?

      2) On the Color Temp and Chromaticity pages, a point for “Strobe” is sometimes displayed. When is it displayed? Is it only displayed if the meter is in “Flash Metering” mode on the Exposure tab?

      3) When on the Color Temp page, I occasionally see very high Kelvin measurements. E.g., a 19000+K flash reading that happened once–I haven’t been able to reproduce that. Or, if I’m in ambient (not flash) mode, and I fire my flash, I see 14000K readings right after the flash fires. (My flash normally reads about 5000K, ambient is 2400K during my tests.) Are there best practices for reliable color temperature measurements that I should be using to avoid these incorrect readings?


    • rguttoschrguttosch
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      @bhpowell here are replies to your points:
      1. Yes, that slider is the flash metering percentage, as you suspect. As you adjust the flash, the percentage will change.

      2. The intent is that the data point for the strobe only displays when valid flash readings are obtained. We are working on making that more consistent.

      3. Please go to the Settings menu (you can click on the gear icon in the upper-right of the screen to get there). On the middle of that screen, you will see “Photocell Trigger Sensitivity”. Set it to 6 or 7 (not 10). That should make the readings more consistent.

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