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Jeff BrislaneJeff Brislane
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I picked up my meter this morning on the way to a job and thought id have go at using it. I was able to bond no problem and meter the first three rooms but when i got to my fourth room to shoot it was flashing blue constantly and i could not get it to connect again so i gave up until i could look at properly after my job (tried restating meter and app and reomoved batteries). I then read the manual after the job and unbonded the meter and it connected again fine, i also turned my location on as it was previously off when i first bonded the meter. Then it did the blue flashing again for a second time and i had to unbond it and rebond it again but it does appear to be holding steady now. I can turn the meter on or off with the app on and it connects again and vise versa with the app closed and open and the meter still on and it connects.

But I am finding that if i turn on the meter before the app sometimes it wont connect to the app and i have to restart the app. Probably about one in every 5 or 6 times but it is a bit random.

If i start the app first then turn on the meter it seems to connect every time.

Anyway that has been my first day experience and i hope this info helps. My phone is a galaxy S7 with Android 7.0

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